Genome Instability
doc.funds Program.
A new PhD program in Vienna studying the maintenance of genomes.

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The genome instability doc.funds program will bring together research groups in Vienna aiming to understand the causes and consequences of genome instability. Students in the program will receive a topic-specific education on the subject, and will form a cohort that will band together to tackle the most pressing questions in the field.

FWF doc. funds program

Our Mission
We want to take a deep dive into understanding how cells maintain the integrity of their genomes, as well as what happens when they fail to do so.
Our Team
Our group of 9 researchers at the Vienna BioCenter cover many different aspects of Genome instability.
“Our lab studies how the frequent missegregation of chromosomes (chromosomal instability) leads to cellular adaptation over time."
“Our lab studies centrosome assembly and function, as well as the consequences of their dysfunction (on chromosome segregation) in cancer cells."
“Our lab has established a genetically tractable, physiologically relevant system to study cell competition in mammals."
“We aim to understand processes that contribute to accurate chromosome segregation during the meiotic cell division program using the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans."
“My lab aims to define how cells rewire DNA repair according to the specialized needs of mitotic proliferation and meiosis."
“My research focuses on somatic and meiotic DNA repair and recombination in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana."
“Our group explores a pathway by which cytoplasmic DNA triggers an immune response."
“We study how bacteria that live attached to animal surfaces fold and orient their chromosomes."
“We aim to identify novel therapeutic approaches and rational therapeutic combinations targeting both cancer and immune cells for patients with metastatic cancers."
Applications for the program go through the Vienna BioCenter PhD Program.
In your application, please state your interest in the Genome Instability doc.funds program specifically.

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